Sunday, April 22, 2007

Implanting Famous

Everything on the tube today seams to be about bad things our society put upon it's self. Murders , shootings, war, unsolved murders global warming. I even saw a news show suggesting Walmart was responsible for global warming. The tube is nuts. The shit these people dream up to create topics to boost ratings. All the media outlets dream up topics to try and prove as fact. Its like a show on the E network will use the word famous before someones name. Even if no one has ever heard of them they are now known as famous It is inserted into our memories.
I plan on ranting about alot of topics. Thus for now being pissed at the TV will sufise. How many times do we have to see Anna N. Smith's gums. Before the shootings this week thats all we saw on the news networks were that gummy ass smile over and over. And the net works could have come up with video and photo's that were more becoming for a dead lady. Not some fat sloppy gummy smilie drunken drunk.'

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