Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead at 73

Man can I bitch about this guy. This guy said AIDS was put on earth to punish gay people. Don't get me wrong I'm sad about this but , what a two faced mother fucker. Most people don't realize this man was a moon shine maker / bootlegger. Before learning the worlds oldest scam of religion this man was basically a drug dealer. That's right. booze is a drug and in my opinion worse than any other drug. It has destroyed more lives over time than anything else. It's funny because I liked him. But who is Jerry Falwell or anyone else to tell people what to think and how to act. I can't wait for the day mankind realizes that these people are praying on natural emotions of humans for their own benefit. I won't rant to much about this. It just gets to deep. I want to rant about. TV which is ware I heard this.
Jerry falwell was like a NASCAR driver to me. He only knew how to turn left.

More about Paris next. I wish I was going to her cell with her. LOL

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