Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Harry Potter Book is Leaking Out On The Internet

Boy-O-Boy here we go again. The release of the newest Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows book has become today's biggest news. How come every time a New Harry Potter book is released the emphasise put on people leaking it. According to recent reports their are several Web Sites posting the ending of the book. Who really cares if it is leaked out. True Harry Potter fans will still read the book. I don't think the true fans will even do a Google search for the leaked info. unless they are one the crazy fans who just can't wait. But how would they know if it is even for real. Anyone trying to attract attention to their web site could write anything. Whats to stop them. If they aren't writing whats truly in the book the publisher really has no recourse. Even if the leaks are real they received the book from a retailer or someone who released it early.
Every time I see something like this I can't help but think it is a advertising ploy. Think about it ! More than the writer and publisher make money off of Harry Potter. Their are hundreds of web site that bring in Potter cash. Even Harry Pot Head can be found on the Internet.
The first site that came up in my search was This site is into the whole Harry Potter craze. As they say they are trying to stop the leak they are drawing in readers that are searching the net. Think these folks aren't making a bucket load of cash. NOT. They are raking it in.
I can't wait to see when the first copy hits EBay. Oops it's already their. Not in pre-sale form either. So I guess I will put a link in for it. Give EBay a try for this book. I think you will be surprised how fast you can have your copy of book 7 in the Harry Potter series.

This Harry Potter book will also be printed in braille for blind children. It is being printed in Boston Ma.
When it comes down to it I always believed that heavy readers are antisocial. Burying one's head in a book and ignoring whats going on around them is antisocial, like it or not. Kids are one thing, but when a parent ignores the kids to read that is pretty selfish. Come to think about it anyone who reads while others are in the room are rude.
That's my rant for today. Not that anyone will read this blog. Click on the link and buy a book.

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