Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EBay Sellers Start Boycott Over Feedback Changes

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So today's big in the world of EBay

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Buyers around the world have started boycotting the site. With the implementation of the new feedback policy starting today the most disturbing part is the fact that sellers will no longer be able to leave negative feedback for buyers. When sellers must have started adapting to the changes that where rumored for months or even years. As a seller on Ebay for many years the day Meg Whitman announced stepping down was the day I began to adapt. Every time Ebay Make changes sellers need to adapt. I started sending the following with my shipping notification Emails.

Once your item arrives in satisfactory condition, please leave feedback for me. I will do the same for you. Ebay has added a rating system to the feed back forum. Their are four criteria. I strive to do my best in all 4 but I pay extra attention to keeping shipping, and handling, at the same or below average of similar items on ebay. And I'm fast.Please do not use the feedback forum to settle disputes. Also I would like to take the chance to go over the new feedback criteria. Ebay has also started considering neutral or a donut as negative feedback when rating seller performance. So please only leave positive feedback or none at all and settle disputes through Email not the forum. Please go to about me link below for more on terms of sale or (TOS).
You will see the following:Detailed Seller Ratings (since May 2007)When started.
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings #(1) Item as described ( I really do try and do my best ) (2)Communication ( I will always return email)(3)Shipping time ( I usually ship within 1 day but up to 5 days, Please look @ postmark not how long it took to get to you ! Shipping times are out of my control! ) (4)Shipping and handling charges ( I try and charge less than average of other sellers and similar items and please remember packing material cost a lot, also processing items can take up to 30 minutes and more)I hope this helps when leaving feedback's can try and track your item though the shippers link .

USPS dose not normally have 24/7 tracking information. We have found the information updates when the item is delivered. Its more of a delivery confirmation would like to encourage everyone to visit my about me page. link- a Also "Promoting Respectful Communications Online" Take the pledge here:
Thank you

By sending this type of Email you can avert many issues with buyers. I will be updating it for the new changes

I see opportunity where others are seeing dome and glum. Since I started adding this short explanation to my shipping Emails I have not received one Negative feedback. But when I forget I see problems with new buyers not understanding that one NFB can ruin a seller. Most people are good and just want what they paid for, but when they decide they don't like some thing and want a refund plus being reimbursed for shipping you will see huge problems nd not having the power of leaving NFB if its received will definitely put sellers at a disadvantage.

Basic Fees
Feature Fees
Rewards & Standards
Rewards & Standards FAQ
Basic FeesUnless otherwise indicated, all changes will be effective February 20, 2008, and will apply to listings on and (Parts & Accessories only).Insertion FeesThe insertion fee for Auction-style and Fixed Price listings will be reduced as indicated in the chart below.

Feel Free To Copy The Email above

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