Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Time New England Patriots Signed Jersey


I must have been asked this question 50 times this week " What Time Dose The Superbowl Start" Well it's 6 PM. The trend over the years was that professional sport has been starting later and later. It's good to see that the biggest game of the year is starting at a reasonable time.
New Engenders are on the edges of there seats. The Patriots will be the greatest team ever in the NFL. It is amazing how Americans trash the team that has come back from being big losers most years to the best. It use to be watching the Patriots would be a who cares type thing in New England. Well times have changed
To those who want to put a * next to the Patriot record ? That's the dumbest thing in the world. NFL teams have been video taping other teams since before video. Your just looking for a reason to trash the team that stomped your boyz. Every little trick the Patriots have used has been used before by other teams. Coach Belecheck learned from others. He didn't just think of this stuff himself.
Get over it the New England Patriots are the best teak in American Football History. And they deserve credit for it. To those folks in Colorado who were mean to me during the last Superbowl, this ones for you. Yes I was in Colorado when the Patriots won there last Superbowl and the folks in Fraser Colorado were not very friendly. At least in New England we will welcome oponits fans are treated with hospitality.
It just boggles the mind of how some fans will try to drag a team down know matter how many times a team proves it self. Get over it the New England Patriots are the best team in the NFL ever.
Well Superbowl time is 6PM. Team Site

After searching the Internet we came accross Patriots memrobelia, Patriots Collectibles, Patriots Signed Jersy. and Patriots Signed helmet. 10 years ago you couldnt ive this stuff away. The Price of New England Patriots Memrobelia will only go up. Tom Bradey being the First sex Simble really in New England Sports the cost Of New Englands Professonal Sprts Team History the prices will only go up.

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