Saturday, July 5, 2008

Massachusetts Screws Poor People Again $6.66 Cigarettes

OK so we know smoking is bad for you. Everyone knows this. But why do states insist on raising tax's on something that more lower income people partake in. Think about it people who make very little money are the first to be drawn into the smokers world. Low income families can not afford to educate or monitor there kids because they are working 2+ jobs to feed that same family. People who have money can afford to keep there kids occupied after school and away from things like cigarettes. Families with money can also afford to bring there children to the doctor and teach the about bad habits. So we have a huge number of low income people smoking. And try to remember the very people who pass these tax's on cigarettes are accepting money from lobbyist and tobacco companies.
So low income people get hit from both sides. It has been proven that tobacco companies target low income people. So the very people who get stuck paying these tax's are the people who are the target of big business and politicians. Low income people lose either way.
You may ask why don't they quite smoking ? Well nicotine is more addictive than heroin. A heroin addict can go to a clinic every day and get methadone to help get off the drug, but a smoker has to go to the local pharmacy and pay $120.00 for a two week supply of the nicotine patch. $120.00 out of pocket at one time is impossible for a low income person. Buying a pack of smokes every other day is more financially feasible. And the patch doesn't even work unless the person has a support system as well. It is just so dumb.
Why do politician think everyone has money. They act like a cigarette tax dose nothing but good. What a bunch of crap. Someone with money who smokes can go to a Doctor and get the patch or some assistance when quiting and a poor person is paying $6.75 for a pack of smokes that the politicians Buddie's got them addicted too in the first place.
The new Governor of Massachusetts has deceived the voters. He ran on the promise to help poor people and it looks like the only group he is helping are his group/class RICH PEOPLE. The Governor of Massachusetts's is a scum bag. First thing he did when he was sworn in was to go get a Ford Expedition. Thats right a 8 mile a gallon vehicle. It's obvious to me that Governor Patrick is just another politician using it's citizens to climb the political ladder. Just like the ones who came before him. Over the last twenty years all the Governors have left office early for bigger and better things. Except Mitt Romney, but he pushed through a bunch of Laws and moved on too. No wonder people are leaving Massachusetts as fast as they can.
When are our politicians going to keep there promises? Never. Sorry to say. Its easy to say quit. All I can say is try it with no support or a doctor.
And no I don't smoke. I quit 10 years back and I can say It was not easy even with a Doctors help. Took 3 years to finally stop for good. I can say though that if I did still smoke I would buy them in Ass hole chuttsetts. Its cheaper and easier to drive to New Hampshire. Even if it cost more I would drive north just so these aholes wouldn't get any of my money.
Massachusetts is famous for screwing people. Know what they do on Cape Cod they invite students there and don't tell them if the cops come 3 time to a rental the landlord can kick you out without returning your deposit. Then the landlords rent the house to another group for the remainder of the Summer. It's a well known tactic among rental property owners on Cape Cod.
So when you come to Massachusetts bring some butt lubrication.

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