Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fathers Day Gift Ideas, GPS, Cell Phone, Fishing Gear

Don't get dad a tie or tools this fathers day. Those things are nice especially the tools and with unemployment being so high a tie could cause depression.
With all the tech gadgets out now finding a deal online is easy. Further more many retailers are offering free shipping and deep discounts.

I am making a list of what I would like as a dad and grand father.
Fishing gear. My fishing gear has been rebuilt, fixed cleaned so many times a new fishing poll or Real would be nice.

I would also really like a GPS. With so many GPS out now finding something affordable should be easy. Since I hike a lot I would like a portable GPS with Mapping. I would appriciate any kind of out door gear really.

A new Cell Phone. I have had the same Motorola Razr for five years. I really want a iPhone 3GS but they didnt add some items Ive been waiting for in the last update. I would take any new smartphone at this point. My phone doesn't even hold a charge now.

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