Monday, June 4, 2007

Paris Hilton In Jail Arrives at Jail Crying

So it has finally happened. Paris Hilton is actually in jail. Check out the booking photo. Booking photo or staged glamour photo op. Not bad for some one who was crying 10 minutes before. Paris arrived at the jail last night and it looked like she was balling. Just the threat of jail time will drive the average person to find god. LOL. I give this girl lots of credit for sucking it up and doing her time. Well I guess she has no choice but to do it. What a mind freak for someone who has everything handed to her on a silver plate.
I couldn't imagine being in jail after having the world handed to me. She probably spends more money on a pair of shoes than the average person spends on food for a year. It just seem like rich people appreciate what they have. Everyone who enters the court system and has jail time hanging over their head go's through the same thing. You trash yourself, you get very depressed , most people sceem to try and improve themselves, but that wares off after time. Most people go right back to the way it was before they had the trouble. Just look at all the people convicted of drunk driving that get caught again within a year of getting off probation.
The police and the court are not stupid. This is exactly what they do. They scare you into pleading out the charges by offering probation , suspended sentence and a fine and sometimes AA. Then they just site back and wait for you to mess up. Most people do some how.If you violate by driving under suspension usually the judge will yell or give longer probation , but if you get caught drinking and driving again you can kiss your ass good bye. I believe Paris Hilton violated which is a different charge all together hence 22 days in the slammer. If it was another DUI or OUI that's bad. It would be second offence and a probation violation which means she would have gone to jail right then and possibly stay their until the OUI / DUI trial. That's screwed.
You can't blame the court. To many people are killed by drunk drivers.
Again the court is not stupid. They know by sentencing Paris Hilton to jail right off the bat for a simple probation violation it will send a message to these POP generation kids. These elitist kids really need a kick in the ass. This is what happens when you mess with the law period. The court system sucks. Paris Hilton could afford someone to drive her around it's not like she needs to drive to work like the common person in the court system. The common person has to weigh the risk with supporting their family against the violation. Is driving under suspension worth it for the common person ? Yes For Paris Hilton ? NO. I'm not jealous of her. I'm mad at her for being a elitist.
No one should be above the law. Update the jail let her do a retake of her booking photo. WOW

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Zhu said...

I don't give her any credit : she's a total idiot and deserves it.

I'm not into punishing people and I don't even believe jail is a good solution for criminal (it doesn't man I pro death penalty of course !). I just think there are tons of teens who were caught for a stupid thing and did their time. So be it, Paris is in jail.