Friday, June 22, 2007

4 Days Left For Paris Hilton

So Paris Hilton has four days left to serve in jail. I am still in ah about this. It is unbelievable that she is being treated this way. The average person would have been out in two or three days. It is definitely sending a message to millions of spoiled brats in our country. When it comes to the court watch out it will bit you. I believe her lawyers failed her along with her parents. I could see how a space shot wouldn't understand how these things work. The registry and the courts do it on purpose. They know people screw up and they are just waiting. They have plenty of time.
And how cruel can the court be. Letting someone out and then putting them back in jail when they did nothing to have the home release violated. I think she has a case for cruel and unusual punishment. She did nothing. The problem is between the sheriff and the judge.
Well to bad for her. Things like this happen everyday across America.
Every one have a great day

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