Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Hilton out of jail today Stay Off Larry King Good Luck

So she is finally out of jail. I can't believe that Paris Hilton would go on Larry King. What is this ?
All these popular cultur people go on Larry King to confess to the world when their lives go south. Larry King has more skeletons in the closet than most of these pop cultur people. Who his he, some kind of priest. What a crook.
As far as changing her life. Everyone who go's through this type of court thing wants to change. It fades very fast. It's the emotion of being court screwed I call it. The court system is enough to make anyone want to change. It's almost certain she will be back to the same old, same old within a month.. The court isn't a priest either. The court system wants to knock you down. They need to, so they can gain control of you and then keep you stuck in the system. Paris watch out for the candy on the probation officers desk. It usually has alcohol in it. It's the oldest trick in the book. The last day of probation they usually want a breath test. But before hand you may be offered a piece of candy. Don't eat it.
Well Good luck to you and do your self a favor. Stay off TV. Cancel Larry King. You already have $. I see no need to confess to Larry King. People go on his show to save their careers. If you already have $ theirs no need. Stay off TV. your just looking for trouble. Finish probation and keep your mouth shut. The more attention you draw to your self the more your P.O will get pissed. 2.5 years of probation. WOW. Stop drinking and life will get better !

This will be my last Paris hilton post I hope.
I need to move on and so dose Paris Hilton

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