Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth Concert To Save The World ? London 777

Know that we have all gotten Paris Hilton out of our pop cult heads along comes Live Earth . Thank God ! Summer music. Most people over 30 seam to have seen this type of thing before. Myself I have been to hundreds of concerts and loved and still do love going to concerts. is the event of some peoples life. Believe that global warming is caused by humans or not. Instead of pointing out the downfalls of these types of global events I would like to talk music for awhile. First thing this morning 7/7/2007 777 I awake to Live Earth Summer music, hurray. It's not often you wake up this type of thing on your TV. Duran Duran Seemed to be getting the bad sound blues that always occurs during large events or even the first set of a Grateful dead show Duran Duran did pull together a awesome montage of upbeat sax tunes. The saxophone was always my favorite part of Duran Duran. Having seen Live Aid brings back memories. The Black Eyed Peas pulled it together a little better The BEP's made a fan out of me. The comes along the Red Hot Chili Pepper's. A band that I have been following since their days on college radio station. I have seen the Chili Pepper over 5o times including Woodstock 1999 when the place caught fire and the national guard were called in. Man they get everyone going big time. Seeing the RHCP's away from a festival setting is awesome. Usually they are naked half the time. Do yourselves a favor and join their site and see a show or 2 or 3 or 100.
After the Chili Peppers the coverage moved to snippets from other city's. Linkin Park appeared from Tokyo Japan. Another band I just love. They have a special place on my iPod for skiing. They just seam to be having so much fun. They get me up off my ass. Check out their site, it's awesome. Seems like they were teen agers yesterday. Check it out !
We were served a little Snoop Dogg , Xzibit and Metallica Everyone should check out their sites. I wish we heard more from the old school Hip Hoppers. Maybe in New York.
The in between plugs for the cause are OK. They always tell everyone what they want you to do for the cause, but they never help implement it. Perhaps Live Earth will be different. Lets Hope. A good place to find things like solar chargers for your cell phone and Apple iPods is Ebay.

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The New York Part of the show should full of Eco friendly ideas. The London part certainly was.
Everyone do your part but I think flushing the toilet each time is OK, and probably better. It take water to break down solids in a septic tank. My 2 bits. All the band links on this page were active with content. You can watch the show their and participate in saving the earth or just loving music.

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